Book description

When their therapist’s actions spawn her husband’s sudden violence, Maura, a suburban mom, is catapulted into a brutal fight for truth and justice in five court systems. Shattered: focuses on her experience as a plaintiff in a bizarre, unprecedented therapist malpractice case. Once Maura stands up to their counselor, she’s no longer collateral damage but a target.

She and her daughter’s normal lives are replaced with a dark, scary world of deception and intimidation. She becomes prey for a plethora of corrupt lawyers and con artists, and the therapist becomes increasingly dangerous. A second shrink is mind-numbingly unethical. The therapist’s behemoth insurance company tries to crush her any way they can.

But a man of conscience, comes forward and sacrifices everything to help her. He reveals what Maura’s husband has been hiding for twenty-five years and the truth about her therapist’s shocking double life. He knows the defendant well; She is his wife of eighteen years. As she works her way through five court cases, it gets increasingly perilous until the relentless intimidation escalates into assault and death threats. Finally, Maura finds her first capable, ethical lawyer on her 25th try; he ends the nightmare.

The alligators, sharks, and coyotes aren’t nearly as scary as the human predators that lurk in Charleston, South Carolina. This is a cautionary tale based on a true story.


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